Who We Are

Recognising why our people are key workers by celebrating the roles that make our Group function

We’re celebrating our people – the key workers connecting communities before and during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond as well – by highlighting the roles and those who carry them out, enabling the great service Royal Mail is known for. Our Who We Are campaign puts our people, from across the pipeline, at the heart of the business – which is exactly where they are.

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19 November 2020

'It was like I immediately knew what to do. I just carried on and carried on.'

Position: Postman
Place of work: Preston Central Delivery Office

Les used his Territorial Army training to save the life of a customer who'd suffered a heart attack. Les' instincts and CPR saved the man's life.

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'I thought, “you know what, I'm going to wear fancy dress to work, just to get a smile". The response was amazing, from the very young, to the very old. People started waiting for me to arrive, cheering and clapping while I delivered their post.

Position: Postman

Place of work: Clevedon Delivery Office

Terry has worked in the same area of West End for the past 10 years and was already a well-known figure in the area. But his fancy dress exploits during the first lockdown made him an internet sensation, as a result of his exploits being widely shared on social media.

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'Working for Royal Mail has exceeded my expectations many times over. I have had lots of great opportunities and worked with many fantastic people, which really makes this business what it is.’

Position: Senior service manager

Place of work: Rowland Hill House

Working as part of the Service Delivery Technology team, Richard’s primary goal is to ‘keep the lights on.’ Helping to get IT issues resolved and colleagues up and running again as quickly as possible is what brings him the most satisfaction.

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‘This is my part to give a little something back. The NHS has been brilliant over the years, they’ve fixed me up more times than I can remember.’

Position: Delivery line manager

Place of work: Twickenham Delivery Office

Stephen was hospitalised with Covid-19 at the end of March. Following his recovery, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) asked if he was willing to donate his plasma to help other Covid-19 patients. In November, he became the top donor in the country and the first person in England to donate plasma 15 times. On 10 December, he made his 17th donation.

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‘I’ve received a lot of love on my rounds. I hope I raised a smile and some community spirit.’

Position: Postman

Place of work: Heywood Delivery Office

Walking around town as a parrot, monkey and even a kangaroo might seem strange to some people but not to Steven, who together with local businesses, has incredibly, now fundraised more than £14,000 for Heywood foodbank.

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‘For 500 years Royal Mail has been part of the community. It’s not part of our ethos to back down when the country needs to pull together. You’ll always see us about, helping our customers and each other.’

Position: Postman
Place of work: Edinburgh East Delivery Office

Daniel covers 15 postcodes in Edinburgh, collecting Covid-19 test kits from customers. For him, it’s 'all about being part of the community.'

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‘The response we’ve had from Operations has been nothing short of outstanding. The pride our frontline people have in the knowledge that they’re supporting the country with something so vital during this time…there are no words for it.’

Position: Parcels product manager
Place of work: Welwyn Garden City

Lara spearheads our Covid-19 test kits project, which has seen us develop a collections service from homes and priority postboxes, add a bespoke weekend collections service.

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‘When you have the support of everyone at work, plus your customers and your partner, why not do some good during the pandemic? It’s great to help out and put a smile on people’s faces. We’re the key workers and we all need to work together to get through this difficult time.’

Position: Postwoman
Place of work: Taunton Delivery Office

Due to her truly inspirational fundraising, Evette is to have an Intercity high-speed train named after her following her nomination by BBC Radio Somerset listeners for the ‘Make a Difference Superstar’ campaign.

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‘It really makes my day to see Jessie each morning, smiling and waving from her window. The pandemic has made me realise that we have an incredibly important role to play within our local communities as key workers.’

Position: Postwoman
Place of work: Warminster Delivery Office

Since Covid-19 arrived, Julia has been raising money for charity, and helping to make the life of ‘Jessie’ – a very special six-year-old girl with a rare form of cancer – a little happier.

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‘I do feel Fleet gets left in the background a little bit – but I think that’s changing. I believe the operation is really seeing the benefit of having our own in-house Fleet workshops to keep our vehicles on the road.’

Position: Workshop manager

Place of work: Leicester MPU

Luke says good communication plus a happy team is a winning formula for success – but he’d like to see Fleet get more of the recognition this hardworking and productive area of the business deserves!

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Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce is a key part of Who We Are and why we celebrated black colleagues during Black History Month.

Black History Month 2020

‘We’re all in this together. It gives me a lot of pride to step up during this unprecedented time - that’s just who we are.’

Position: HR business partner

Place of work: Leicester MPU

Throughout the pandemic, Veesh has been supporting our Fleet workshop managers, deal with Covid-19-related absences and ensuring colleagues who have had to take time off, receive the proper support they need.

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‘To me, Royal Mail means opportunity, variety and security. It’s a business that’s very different from the one I first joined, but it’s one I’m still immensely proud to work for.’

Position: Customer relationship manager

Place of work: Location independent

Adrian has worked in the Address Management Unit since 2008 – and after 37 years with Royal Mail, can still remember his first day with the business…‘It was raining!’

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‘I’m lucky in that I have a lovely relationship with my customers. I’ve been a postwoman for more than 40 years, so I think that shows how much I love my job.’

Position: Postwoman

Place of work: Sunderland Delivery Office

During the first lockdown, Judith rescued one elderly woman, who had been lying on her bedroom floor with a broken hip for more than 30 hours.

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‘On my first day, I turned up at 08.00 thinking I was being keen and early, only to be told my delivery office shift started at 05.12 six days a week!’

Position: Business change manager

Place of work: Location-independent (base office: Pudsey Delivery Office)

Paul is part of our extensive network of colleagues who work tirelessly ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure the complex projects that drive our operation are delivered as smoothly as possible.

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‘I really enjoy making people smile and laugh. I started doing all this to cheer people up whilst they couldn’t go out and see their friends and family…I’m not surprised by the reaction of people in Wales because there’s always such a great community spirit, but I am shocked to have so many fans around the world!’

Position: Postwoman

Place of work: Pontypridd Delivery Office

She might hail from the small county town of Rhondda Cynon Taf, but that hasn't stopped Laura winning a legion of TikTok fans.

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‘Royal Mail has played a huge part in my life and my career has never been boring. I have worked in numerous business units and functions, where I’ve met so many interesting people and a few lifelong friends.’

Position: Head of international network development

Place of work: Leeds Mail Centre

After more than 25 years working for Royal Mail, Adele is currently working closely with GLS to prepare for the challenges of Brexit.

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I love my job. I love everything that Royal Mail gives me. We make a physical difference because we interact with people on a daily basis...we’re all about delivering a great service and keeping people in all our communities happy.’

Position: Postman

Place of work: Swindon West Delivery Office

Paul thinks it’s important that colleagues play a central role in their communities – and not just during the pandemic. Recently, he was recognised as a community champion for the kindness and compassion he has shown to a vulnerable customer through Covid-19.

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'Thomas reads Courier from cover to cover, keeping all the copies in a “safe place” away from his sister. He loves dressing up in his postie’s uniform and really enjoys going down to my office to see the vans and the “real postmen!”’

Position: Postwoman

Place of work: North Liverpool Delivery Office

Kate loves her role. Her son Thomas thinks it’s pretty amazing too! In fact, ever since he could talk, Thomas (and his sister Sophie) have developed a love for Royal Mail. When they see one of our vans, they shout: “Mummy’s work!” They even have their own uniforms and hi-viz vests!

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‘There have been unprecedented increases in traffic volumes across many of our technology services, driven by the pandemic...I think people who don’t work in service management would be surprised to learn about how much work has been completed behind the scenes.’

Position: Senior service manager

Place of work: Rowland Hill House

Vicky is responsible for operational delivery of all technology services in the Customer Experience, Channels and Data Portfolio. It’s her job to ensure that services are working as efficiently as possible for both her stakeholders and customers.

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21 September 2020

‘I felt very happy about helping this customer. It was very emotional. I almost started crying myself. It’s so unfortunate that we’re living in such unprecedented times. I’m just pleased I had an opportunity to help someone out.’

Position: Collection and delivery driver

Place of work: Parcelforce Gatwick local depot

Francis moved an elderly customer, who was down to his last can of food, to tears with his kindness when he went out of his way to deliver an evening meal and some provisions, paid for out of his own pocket.

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‘Some days can be really challenging as we’re against the clock, but I have a lot of support. There’s a whole chain of people working together…If somebody asks me for help, I’ll make time for it if I can. It’s nice to end the week knowing I’ve done a good job.’

Position: OPG

Place of work: Leeds Mail Centre

Nicola has been a pillar of Leeds Mail Centre for 25 years, working with every level of the business to offer support where she can. Throughout the pandemic, she has been helping to ensure that colleagues in delivery offices across Yorkshire have all the protective equipment they need.

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‘I feel very proud to be able to represent Royal Mail as a postwoman. Being recognised and praised as a valuable key worker during the pandemic and being able to help so many people by continuing to deliver as normal a service as possible, is very special.’

Position: Postwoman

Place of work: Crow Lane Delivery Office, Northampton

Marta’s customers in the village of Brixworth were so delighted with her constantly upbeat and cheery manner during lockdown, that they flocked to their village Facebook page to note their praise of everything she did to cheer them up.

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‘I’m just a small cog in a larger machine; a small cog that’s helping to drive the engine, if you like. I’m honoured to be recognised for what I’ve done…My manager chose me to do the job, he trusted that I was capable of doing the job and I’ve done it.’

Position: OPG

Place of work: National Distribution Centre

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Paramjit has ensured that local care home residents and staff have been provided with the protective equipment they need.

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‘I have enormous pride in working for Royal Mail. You go out and speak to people about what they do, and they’re genuinely complimentary about what we do as a business, and what the brand means. Nothing signifies that more than what we’ve done during the pandemic.’

Position: Lead distribution manager

Place of work: National Distribution Centre VOC

Having started as a postman in Oxford 19 years ago, James now looks after the operation at NDC, one of the biggest hubs in the country.

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‘I think the qualities you need to do the job well are to be efficient in your role, be punctual, work as a team if working with people, be honest, be friendly and true to who you are as a person.’

Position: Mail sorter

Place of work: Tyneside Mail Centre

During lockdown, Sheila Kondragunta sang to care home residents and raised more than £3,266 by bidding farewell to her locks with a charity head-shave in aid of her local food banks in Gateshead and Newcastle.

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‘I love working for Parcelforce. This is the best job I’ve ever had and I’m extremely proud to work here. It’s a great company to work for and I consider it a great public service.’

Position: Hub operative

Place of work: Parcelforce National Hub, Coventry

Steve says that being able to come into work, do the job, and actually have some semblance of a normal life, has actually helped to make working through the pandemic slightly easier.

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‘Delivering in Castlerock for 27 years has been something special. My wife Hilary is originally from Castlerock. Her father was a postman for 44 years and in fact, it was his job I got when he retired. It’s a lovely little village with equally lovely people residing there. I’ll miss doing this job, but no doubt, our paths will cross again.’

Position: Postman

Place of work: Coleraine Delivery Office

Robert Ramsey MBE retired on Saturday 12 September after 40 glorious years of service, including 27 years faithfully serving the residents of Castlerock, a seaside village in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

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‘Our office, like many, was short-staffed and unable to van share, so I picked up an extra round, working six days a week, including my rest day.'

Position: Postman

Place of work: Pontypridd Delivery Office

Dewi Frelford, will be practising his swing on the prestigious Celtic Manor golf course for the next 12 months, after winning a year’s membership in recognition of his exemplary service during lockdown, when he volunteered to do two rounds every day to cover for an absent colleague.

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‘Together with a couple of other drivers from Llanelli depot, I helped deliver more than 1,500 face shields…I was shocked that they had run out of protective equipment as there was none available. These people were right on the frontline doing everything they could to help protect us.'

Position: Delivery and collection manager

Place of work: Parcelforce Swansea local depot

Matt Davies went out of his way to deliver vital protective equipment to frontline NHS workers in Llanelli. He also ensured the elderly customers on his street had enough food during lockdown.

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‘I’m incredibly proud of my team for everything they did during lockdown. The team here are all committed to their job and their community and I’m proud of the passion they have to see this office succeed.’

Position: MPU manager

Place of work: Taunton Delivery Office

Dan Riddle and the team at Taunton Delivery Office have been truly exceptional over the past few months, not only coping admirably with the challenges of Covid-19 during lockdown, but also helping to raise more than £5,000 for their local NHS charity, Love Musgrove.

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‘To be a good postie, I believe you need to have the ability to work as part of a team as well as comfortably by yourself. You need to be cheerful and pleasant and understand that you’re the only person some people see all day, so you need compassion.’

Position: Postwoman

Place of work: Alnwick Delivery Office

Known as ‘Saint Lyne’ by her delivery office manager, Kenny Pattison, Lyne went above and beyond to help her local community during the Covid-19 pandemic - collecting items for her local food bank after work.

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‘There was an advert asking if anyone was interested in cleaning the vehicles. I did all the units, rigids and vans. I gave them all a deep clean using this solution that kills coronavirus.’ 

Position: HGV driver

Place of work: Vehicle Operating Centre, National Distribution Centre

Kerry deep cleaned all the vehicles in the VOC and the entire fleet twice over, leading to employee relationship improvement

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