Who We Are – Nicola

Nicola helped ensure colleagues in Yorkshire had all the essential supplies they needed

OPG Nicola Peel has been a pillar of Leeds Mail Centre for 25 years, working with every level of the business to offer support where she can.

Throughout the pandemic, Nicola has been helping to ensure that colleagues in delivery offices across Yorkshire have all the protective equipment they need.

Our Who We Are campaign celebrates our key workers - connecting communities, before and during the Covid-19 pandemic – and beyond as well. We’re recognising people at the heart of our business, across the pipeline, as they describe who they are in their own words.

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‘My role is really varied, and I often pick up extra tasks,’ said Nicola. ‘Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the mail centre has supplied protective equipment for the Yorkshire area. I helped set up the supply chain to ensure all the delivery offices had these essential supplies.

‘I love the diversity of the people at Royal Mail and the fact that every day is different. At the moment, I’m involved in a recovery plan for any Tracked parcels sent to the wrong delivery office.

‘Working with local distribution, we make sure the customers receive their delivery on the same day. I get a lot of job satisfaction from fixing problems.

‘Some days can be really challenging as we are against the clock, but I do have a lot of support. There’s a whole chain of people working together.

‘There are around 800 of us in the mail centre, and I deal with everybody from frontline to plant manager, but there are great relationships between all levels.

‘We have a good team spirit on shift. Every Friday we have a raffle, which is great for engagement and raises cash for local charities. Since January, we’ve raised £2,500!

‘If somebody asks me for help, I’ll make time for it if I can. It’s nice to end the week knowing I’ve done a good job.’

12 Oct 2020