Who We Are - Paul

Paul has gone from an operational to a customer facing role over the past 20 years

Business change manager, Paul Kelly, is part of our extensive network of colleagues who work tirelessly ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure the complex projects that drive our operation are delivered as smoothly as possible.

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Paul has worked for Royal Mail for more than two decades. Having started off in Operations, Paul moved to Commercial and then into the change world.

‘It has been a great experience,’ he said. ‘I can remember on my first day, I turned up at 08.00 thinking I was being keen and early, only to be told my delivery office shift started at 05.12 six days a week!

‘When I started all those years ago, I expected a difficult, unionised workforce from reputation who resisted change. What I actually found was a bunch of people with a huge public service ethos, who are keen to adapt to the commercial world we’re all faced with.’

Paul’s role in Royal Mail has changed over the years – from operational to customer facing and now to working on large projects.

‘These days, I work to make sure the most complex projects manage change in the right way, by involving the right people and keeping an eye on what the overall aim is throughout,’ he said.

‘I also act as a change business partner to over 800 projects within central functions, providing advice, assurance and resource. I cover all areas outside of the operation with a lot of contact in Technology, Finance and central functions.

‘There’s so much change happening, and when change is managed well, it’s great as people are involved from the start through design and implementation.’

Paul works from home or his local Pudsey Delivery Office, but he’s usually traveling three days a week.

‘Successful working from home needs reliable technology, the will of the team and a change in thinking,’ he said. ‘For example: can things be done better? Do I need a permanent desk? Do I really need to travel? Can I balance my home and work life better? The pandemic will cause a huge change in how people work and interact. It’s very exciting and long overdue.’

Paul says that outside of work he’s defined by his two girls and making their start in life as happy and as positive as possible. ‘A big part of this is having a happy dad!’ he said. ‘I love indie music and Leeds United. I have a great group of friends who are there both in the good and bad times.

‘I love working at Royal Mail as I enjoy the variety, the achievements and learning something new every day. I have a great network of people across many functions and operational sites, as well as with external specialists.

‘This makes every challenge one that I enjoy as I have the benefit of working with people who care and know what they’re talking about.’

6 Nov 2020