Who We Are - Kate

Kate and her son Thomas agree: ‘Posties really are the best people to work with’

Postwoman Kate McGrory loves her role. Her son Thomas thinks it’s pretty amazing too! Since she began her Royal Mail journey in March 2015, Kate has been based at North Liverpool Delivery Office.

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‘It’s the perfect job for me as I love being outdoors and I enjoy walking,’ said Kate. ‘The team I work with at Sandhills are amazing. They really supported me in the early days to help me find my feet and my way around the office and the walks. Posties really are the best people to work with.

‘A month after I started, I found out I was pregnant with my son Thomas. I worked until the end of October and then went off to have my very own ‘special delivery’. Thomas was born on 22 November and watching him grow has been an amazing experience.

‘Over time, in fact, pretty much since they could talk, Thomas and his sister Sophie have developed a love for Royal Mail. When they see a colleague, or a Royal Mail van, they very excitedly shout: “Mummy’s work!” which has made me love my job even more than I did before. They even have their own Royal Mail uniforms and hi-viz vests that I put together for them as a Christmas present last year.

'Thomas started school in September and is doing really well. His writing is coming on, and last week, he was crowned “Writer of the Week”. He looks through Courier every month and reads it from cover to cover. He keeps all the copies in a “safe place” away from his sister! He enjoys dressing up in his postie’s uniform and we often do role play. He has really enjoyed going down to my office on the odd occasion to see the vans and the “real postmen!”

‘Working over the last six months through the pandemic has brought its own challenges – particularly with the increased volume of parcels for delivery. But it has been a challenge I’ve enjoyed. Still, it has been hard at times, I’m not going to lie, particularly when the children were at home with their dad, I was out working virtually full-time hours – and then coming home to two children who were full of beans. 

‘I know we provide a really important service for many of our customers at the best of times. But it really struck home during lockdown that I might be the only person some of our customers would see all day, while confined to their homes. As so many people have been at home rather than work, I’ve developed a special rapport with many customers on the round that I’ve regularly been working, not to mention all the friendly hello’s, waves and smiles.

‘Given the current situation, we’re expecting a really busy Christmas in work. Thomas even said: “I’ll come and help with all the parcels Mummy.” Maybe he’s a budding postman of the future?’

23 Oct 2020