Who We Are – Marta

‘We knew we had a job to do. We had a duty both to the country and to our customers’

Marta Darboe has been working as a postwoman out of Crow Lane Delivery Office for the past four years. Every Friday during lockdown, she and her team aimed to bring a bit of cheer to the local community by doing their rounds in fancy dress.

Our Who We Are campaign celebrates our key workers - connecting communities, before and during the Covid-19 pandemic – and beyond as well. We’re recognising people at the heart of our business, across the pipeline, as they describe who they are in their own words.

We want to receive nominations from around the Group for deserving colleagues to be recognised in this way. Send yours to groupcommunications@royalmail.com.

Marta’s customers in the village of Brixworth were so delighted with her constantly upbeat and cheery manner, that they flocked to their village Facebook page to note their praise of everything she did to cheer them up.

Delivery office manager, Ricki Pike, said: ‘Customers started to leave gifts for Marta as a thank you for making them smile. People really appreciated her waving at them through the windows as she delivered her rounds.

‘Marta also made a big impact on the local children who were at home isolating. She waved and smiled, and many parents left gifts for her as a thank you. People sent cards in and some even contacted me on Facebook to say how wonderful she is.’

‘Every day, my customers ask me when we’re going to don our fancy-dress costumes again,’ said Marta. ‘They seem to have really appreciated us making an effort to develop a closer bond with them.

‘I love my job as it’s a whole new lifestyle for me. What I love most about the role is the fact that we can be outside, and I can get the chance to have that daily contact with my customers. I’m quite an active person, so really, it’s the perfect job for me. Meeting so many people every single day is great.

‘It was hard at the beginning of lockdown as many of us were quite stressed. But we knew we had a job to do. We had a duty both to the country and to our customers. Customers expect us to deliver a good service for them, and it’s clear that they really appreciate what we do for them. It’s been very busy, but everyone has pulled together and done their best to ensure we deliver all the extra parcels we’ve seen.

‘I feel very proud to be able to represent Royal Mail as a postwoman. Being recognised and praised as a valuable key worker during the pandemic and being able to help so many people by continuing to deliver as normal a service as possible, is very special.

‘To do this job, I think you need to be kind to people. You need to be a positive person too. People will see you for who you are and appreciate what you’re doing for them. We’re a big team here. We’re very good friends. I think we work well as a team as we have a lot of trust in each other. We’re committed to delivering a brilliant customer service.’

8 Oct 2020