Who We Are – Daniel

Postman, Daniel Kerr, is proud to provide a potential lifeline to customers in Edinburgh

Postman Daniel Kerr collects Covid-19 test kits from all over Edinburgh. For him, it’s all about being part of the community.

Who We Are celebrates our key workers – connecting communities, before and during the Covid-19 pandemic – and beyond as well. We’re recognising people at the heart of our business, across the pipeline, as they describe who they are in their own words.

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‘When my manager asked me if I would be happy to collect Covid-19 test kits, I didn’t think twice about it,’ said Daniel. ‘This was an extremely important task for the company and the community.

‘I cover 15 postcodes in Edinburgh on the Covid-19 collection duty. Each day, I plan the most efficient route in my van. If the person isn’t in or hasn’t had time to do the test, I’ll do my best to come back the same day to ensure I collect the test, so that the customer can receive their results as quickly as possible.

‘Back at the delivery office, I’ll either jump back on my regular duty or help out with the late arrival Tracked 24 area. There’s only five of us on this team, and we cover 16 postcodes for the city.

‘The best part about being a postman is being out and about, meeting people in the community. My dad has been a manager in the business for 30 years. He’s always said, “Work hard and Royal Mail will always be there for you”.

‘I feel really proud to be a key worker. It’s easy to forget that for the customer, you may be a lifeline for important medicine or protective equipment.

‘For 500 years Royal Mail has been part of the community. It’s a huge part of UK life. It’s not part of our ethos to back down when the country needs to pull together. You’ll always see us about, helping our customers and each other.’

4 Dec 2020