‘Everything will be ok’

Let people know that they matter, and that support is available

Initiatives like World Mental Health Day and last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week are both helpful reminders of just how important good mental wellbeing is to all of us, particularly in the current circumstances.

The lockdown has made it very difficult to stay connected and this has unsurprisingly, had an adverse effect on people’s mental health.

Press play to hear from Shaun Davis, our global director compliance and sustainability, on why it’s so important that you stay connected to your teams, your friends, and your family.

‘These are really challenging times that we’re in and it’s affecting us all in different ways, said Shaun. ‘But what’s crucial to remember is that it’s really important to share how you’re feeling and recognise that you are not alone.’

Support is available

We understand that there is an increase in concern and anxiety. If you or a member of your team would like to speak to a counsellor, they can contact First Class Support available 24/7 to provide emotional (not medical) support on 0800 6888 777.

A selection of chapters from ‘Positive Mental Health,’ a book written by Dr Shaun Davis and Andrew Kinder, are available here to help you manage a range of mental health problems.

Click here to see the full range of mental health support available to you.

Please visit myroyalmail/coronavirus for all the latest covid-19-related information and guidance.

26 May 2020