The onus is on us all

Dr Shaun Davis blogs on what the latest Covid-19 guidelines mean for us

It’s not the news anyone wanted to hear, but sadly, we are back to where we were in March/April 2020 with the latest lockdown enforcements across the UK.

More than ever, we all need to play our part to keep everyone safe, while continuing the outstanding service we are providing for communities in need.

Of course, we regularly review and risk assess our operation and we have done so again given the latest Government guidelines. We very promptly stepped out of shared vans. We’ve also looked and understood more about the new strain of Covid-19, so we’re able to react as we need to.

We want to demonstrate to our people that safety is a priority and that we are actively managing the risks and staying very close to the issues.

You can have a personal impact. Regularly washing your hands, thinking about social distancing and wearing your face mask. I must point out that it’s one thing to wear it – but another to wear it properly. The face covering is meant to cover your mouth and nose. It is mandatory to wear face coverings in all our under-the-roof operations. This protects you and your colleagues. It protects you from the individual droplets you could inhale and others from those you might exhale.

It’s incredibly important you wear face coverings. In simple terms it protects you, it protects others and it protects us all from coronavirus.

Access support

It has been an incredibly tough time for many people since the spring of last year and it’s important to remember the support we have available. Our in-house charity, Rowland Hill Fund, our Feeling First Class helplines – I’d encourage you all to use them if you need to. And to speak to one another.

January is a challenging time already, with Blue Monday highlighting how sadly prevalent depression is in our societies. Then you add to that another lockdown. Please don’t suffer in silence. We’re here to talk.

Thank you

The fact that we keep communities connected through our post and parcels – I think we should give ourselves a well-earned pat on the back. Never underestimate the importance of genuine appreciation. Saying and receiving thanks is so important. It has kept me going through some of the really difficult challenges. It makes you feel valued and appreciated and gives you that push to keep going.

So, I’d like to add my own thanks to you all for the amazing job you are doing. I’ve been blown away by the quality of the work we have done together. A massive heartfelt thank you from me – many of you have reached out to offer me help, support and encouragement and that meant a lot to me, especially on the really tough days.

We are all in this together. Regardless of your job and where you live and how long you have been here, we are all in this together. And we’ll get through it together, too.

14 Jan 2021