Behind the lens

Selfridges, rum punch and landing a magazine cover

Get in the festive spirit with this fun Christmas-themed Q&A with two of our posties, who have been the stars of the show in our Selfridges partnership.

Mount Pleasant postman Greg Dacosta was invited to model the Selfridges and Royal Mail joint-partnership product range. Watford postwoman Amira Rahmoune represented the Royal Mail workforce when she brushed up on her acting skills to take part in a mini-Selfridges window display film-shoot.

Catch up on what the partnership is all about by clicking here.

Now Amira and Greg have taken time out from their hectic schedules to get into the festive spirit with our fun Q&A. What would your answers be?  

1) How does your delivery office make the most of Christmas?
An annual Secret Santa and lots of people getting into the Christmas spirit with dressing up, including as the Grinch! 

2) What do you think about the iconic partnership between Royal Mail and Selfridges?

Greg: Royal Mail is a 500-year-old business, so partnering with companies that are continuously trying to push the boundaries of sales innovation should be a must. Competition is increasing all the time, and even though Royal Mail is established, we need to keep pushing forward. If anything, we need to create more opportunities.

4) What motivates you to work hard, especially during Peak?

Greg: I enjoy keeping our customers happy as they tend to really appreciate even the smallest efforts. Also, knowing my whole unit has a similar mentality helps to me to push on, focus on customer relations and job completion.

5) What was your favourite part of the shoot day?

Amira: Getting ready for the shoot and trying on the different looks with the stylist - that was a lot of fun.

6) What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Greg: It has to be a customised Manchester United jersey with “postie #1” on the back given to me by the Manchester United press office on my first collection route.

7) What are you looking forward to in 2021?

Amira: Bigger goals, hopefully things going back to normal, and excelling with my music.

8) Do you have a festive message for colleagues?

Greg: Stick together just like we have all year. And let’s see out this year as we started - focused, determined and together.

9) What’s been the most memorable moment of 2020?

Amira: Being on the cover of the latest Courier.

10) How will you celebrate Christmas this year?

Amira: Working and trying to make everyone’s Christmas a little more magical this year.

11) Favourite festive food treat? 

Greg: Mummie’s rum punch on Christmas Day.
Amira: Advent calendar

12) Willing to share a Christmas tune on your Spotify list?
Greg: Has to be Mariah, I’m afraid.
Amira: Let It Snow.

22 Dec 2020