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Guidance for the safe disposal of used face masks, gloves and wipes/tissues

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Our cleaning teams have been working flat out across the business to help keep us safe from covid-19.

Coronavirus has changed how all of us are working. As such, we have enhanced our cleaning regimes through increased frequencies and additional cleaning of high-contact touchpoints.

Since the pandemic began, we have also committed just under £40m for protective equipment supplies for colleagues, including hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and face masks. As a result, however, we are now generating high levels of tissue, wipes, gloves and mask waste.

We are starting to receive complaints from customers that used protective equipment is being disposed of in trays delivered to customers. Please ensure that our protective equipment disposal procedures are followed and that everyone is aware of how to properly dispose of these items.

  • Your manager will designate a specific bin (open or pedal) for face masks, gloves and wipes/tissue waste. They will be clearly labelled with this poster. In some larger buildings, more than one bin will be allocated.
  • Cleaning teams will provide two black bags, one inside the other, with the outer bag marked with this label. Cleaners will also add a date to be displayed on the label. Going forward, cleaners may provide waste bags, which are a different colour to ensure waste bags are more prominent.

We all need to take responsibility to dispose of all protective equipment waste carefully and appropriately.