Duty calls

WATCH: New CEO Simon Thompson out on delivery

As an immediate priority as new CEO, Simon Thompson couldn’t wait to get out on delivery, writes Rachel Brennan.

To immerse himself in the backbone of the business, Simon hit the ground running on a round with Cobham postman Dave Field.

‘I’m a great believer in the frontline, this is where the magic happens,’ says Simon. ‘My plans for Royal Mail is to leverage what it is that we already have that is magical. That trust at the doorstep is something that we own, something that other companies and competitors would love to have. You only get it through a long time of experience.’

‘I’d like to think I’ve been looking after my customers,’ says Dave Field. ‘I think we’ve done a really good job, in exceptional circumstances.’

The programme is now live across our channels. This includes Content on Demand for those safe and able to watch on that channel, socially distanced.​


15 Jan 2021