What makes you unique?

National Inclusion Week - submit your videos by Wednesday 23 September

Plans are afoot for National Inclusion Week (28 September – 4 October) – a week dedicated to talking all things inclusion!

As part of the week, our six dedicated diversity and inclusion steering groups are asking their networks to create videos showcasing what makes you unique, whether you’re a massive Dr Who fan, a free runner, an author, an expert with the knitting needles or even a world record holder! They want to hear from as many of you as possible.

All videos must be submitted to content production manager, Julia Casson, julia.casson@royalmail.com by Wednesday 23 September at the very latest! So, the sooner the better please.

What you need to do   

Film yourself telling us the following three things:

  • Tell us three things that make you unique (For example – ‘I am pansexual, I climbed Mount Everest, I have three horses’) leaving a little pause between each one.
  • Say: ‘I am Royal Mail.’
  • Say: ‘We are Royal Mail.’

Some guidelines for making your video:

  • Set up your phone – you will need to go into your phone’s settings and shoot at 4k (Apple – Settings > camera > Record video > 4k@24/30fps).
  • Ensure you hold your phone on its side, so that it films the video in landscape mode.
  • Frame your shot – a nice mid shot that is well lit – don’t stand in front of a window.
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet environment, such as a quiet room, so that we can hear you.
  • Keep your answers short and snappy.
  • Allow a couple of seconds before and after each take to allow an edit.
  • Send your files using WeTransfer in the phone’s web browser (you don’t need to log in or download an app) to julia.casson@royalmail.com.

Your videos will be edited into one film, which will be available to watch on Myroyalmail.com next month.

11 Sep 2020