‘Proud moment’

Stamp of approval from family of Irish screen star, Andrew Scott

The uncle of Irish screen star Andrew Scott has spoken of his family’s pride at seeing their famous nephew commemorated on one of our recent Special Stamps celebrating the world’s most famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Eugene Boyle has been closely following the Dubliner’s stellar career on the big and small screen, which has really taken off over the past 10 years. The award-winning actor is a son of Eugene’s younger sister, Nora Scott, who worked as an art teacher in the Irish capital.

It was Scott’s breakthrough role as criminal mastermind, Jim Moriarty, in the BBC’s modern version of classic detective series, ‘Sherlock’, that first brought him to the attention of the wider viewing public.

Devised and written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock aired for the first time in July 2010. This interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s mysteries offered audiences a fresh, modern take on his novels and short stories, with an irreverent tone and 21st century technology such as internet searches, texting and GPS. It went on to win numerous awards for its writing, production and the acting of Scott as well as co-stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington.

Since then, the versatile character actor has appeared in the James Bond blockbuster, Spectre, and caused a stir as the ‘hot priest’ in the second season of acclaimed BBC comedy, Fleabag.

Speaking to the Tyrone Herald, Eugene Boyle said it was a ‘proud moment’ for his whole family to see his nephew honoured in such a way. Eugene’s daughter, Tara, added that they had been following her cousin’s career intently over the years. ‘We used to go to shows in Dublin that he was in in the early days,’ she said. ‘And I took dad to the cinema to see the James Bond film.’

Describing him as a ‘very personable, genuine guy,’ Tara added, ‘He deserves all his success. He works so hard. He is an electrifying actor on stage, but the breadth of his work is a testament to his talent.’

Scott is currently appearing in the one-man stage show, Three Kings, in London’s Old Vic theatre. The production, written especially for the actor, is being streamed live directly from an empty auditorium for five performances only.

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11 Sep 2020