Miracle performers

Meet the team who pulled out all the stops to defeat the Worksop floods

It’s not every day that you’re dealt a blow from Mother Nature that requires an emergency services raft just to access the unit.

But that’s exactly what happened at Worksop Delivery Office when the town found itself partially submerged after the River Ryton burst its banks late last year.

Every single vehicle was under water and the entire floor was flooded. Incredibly, the unit banded together to ensure deliveries continued.

Press play to hear their story.

Worksop delivery office manager, Ian Scrafield, said: ‘Nobody could get into work due to the flooding. But the police were able to assess the damage and send us some photos and footage, so we could see what we were facing.’

Postwoman, Anna Ward, said: ‘The office was a total no-go area. We were all moved to the next office and we just had to work as best as we could from there. We did really well actually. I think because we all pulled together.’

Worksop Delivery Office won the CEO and COO ‘Going Above and Beyond’ award for 2019-20.

16 Sep 2020