Hottest online orders

BBQs, compost, moisturiser – we reveal the most popular online shopping products

Our latest research reveals the items that the nation has been ordering online during lockdown; with clothing, drinks and plants emerging as some of the most popular products delivered to British homes.

Previously released figures from May unveil that nearly half of UK adults have been receiving more parcels since 23 March. According to our new research, the most popular product categories that have been ordered online since this date include clothing, books, and food and drink.

Despite having nowhere to go, most Brits kept up appearances during lockdown. Clothing is the most-ordered product category, and make-up, moisturiser and razors some of the most popular items.

Not surprisingly, home is firmly where the heart is for many. Gardening became a central facet of British life, with plants and flowers, compost and gardening gloves making the top 20.

The UK’s ‘hottest online orders’ during lockdown*

  1. Drinks (incl. soft drinks, wine, beer)
  2. Skincare products (including moisturiser)
  3. Plants and flowers
  4. Paint for house
  5. Make-up
  6. Compost
  7. Bedding (for home)
  8. Paintbrushes
  9. Razors
  10. Pet food
  11. Non-fiction books
  12. BBQs
  13. Mugs
  14. Weed killer
  15. Gardening gloves
  16. Candles
  17. Lego
  18. Pots and pans
  19. Sanding paper
  20. Masking tape

*This does not include the online grocery shopping and clothing categories, which 36 per cent and 64 per cent of people (respectively) have ordered since 23 March.

There’s no place like home

Our research indicates that a third of UK adults expect to spend more time at home in future than they did before lockdown measures began. And some eight in 10 anticipate their level of online shopping will continue at the same rate, or even increase, in the months and years to come.

Products suggesting that the home will feature more prominently in people’s day-to-day lives in future were popular. Online purchases included home dining products, such as smoothie makers, home bars and coffee machines.

Home improvements have also topped the priority lists of many, with deliveries of paint, paintbrushes and sanding paper making the top 20. Additionally, deliveries of candles and bedding have helped to create a calm domestic atmosphere.

With food and drink being one of the most popular categories, many Brits turned to battling the bulge through home fitness orders. Among the high volume of home-gym delivery items were exercise bikes, yoga mats and dumbbells.

People expect to order more clothing, groceries, books and takeaway meals in future, than they did before 23 March.

Online shopping under lockdown: a national picture

Some interesting facts and figures from the research include:

  • A quarter of the nation expects to work from home more post-lockdown, and this is reflected in shopping patterns. Paper and stationery feature amongst the most-ordered items, alongside technical equipment, including printers and laptops.
  • The nation embraced its crafty side under lockdown. One in 10 people purchased a paint set; whilst adult colouring books, sewing kits and knitting equipment are also popular.
  • Respondents from the West Midlands, North West and Northern Ireland have ordered the most clothes online since lockdown measures began.
  • Green-fingered respondents in Wales have had the most plants and flowers delivered.
14 Sep 2020