‘What good looks like’

CEO and COO award is testament to the success of Kirkintilloch’s ‘back to basics’ plan

Congratulations to the team at Kirkintilloch Delivery Office, winners of the CEO and COO Award for ‘Large Delivery Office of the Quarter’ in Q2.

Co-sponsored by CEO, Stuart Simpson, and COO, Achim Dünnwald, the awards recognise and reward excellence in our operational units.

The CEO and COO Awards take place throughout the year at quarterly intervals, with prizes awarded to the highest achieving units at the end of the year.

Delivery office manager, Andrew Mullen, arrived at Kirkintilloch on 7 December 2018 following the merger with the Bishopbriggs office.

‘I’m a big believer in engaging my people and forming good relationships with my team,’ said Andrew. ‘When I first started at Kirkintilloch, I listened to the issues the team had and began an action plan of building trust and resolving what I could.

‘All I really asked was that we got “back to basics”. If you have a vision of what good looks like and you engage your team in the right way, you can achieve success.

‘To achieve this award is a phenomenal achievement and testament to our hard work and commitment. My two delivery line managers, Callum Meggs and Srikanth Purubhai as well as my workplace coaches, Andy McFaull and Stewart Donaldson have been integral to our success.

‘To be recognised nationally is incredibly rewarding. The success is down to everyone, but first and foremost to my frontline team. I’ve watched all of them put in an incredible effort throughout this difficult time. They deserve the credit, turning up every day despite confirmed Covid-19 cases in the area and delivering the mail to hundreds of customers every day. I’m incredibly proud of them.’

Workplace coach, Andy McFaull, said: ‘Andy has engaged the team and resolved problems. He implemented a plan focusing on our Quality and the basics, and from that, we have gone from an office that regularly failed, to one that rarely fails to perform.’

Delivery support, David Wyat, said: ‘Andy has turned the office around. He thanks colleagues for putting in their shift and goes above and beyond to make himself available for a chat whenever we have any issues.

‘The effort and appreciation that Andy and my own line manager, Srikanth have put in is there for all to see as we’re definitely a better office now than we were before.’

29 Jul 2020