There’s no stopping him!

Four-year-old Oliver Jackson is 'doing' 50 miles during July for the NHS

Manchester driver of 27 years, Steve Jackson’s four-year-old son, Oliver, has speed as well as the safety and welfare of doctors and nurses on his mind…

It was while eating breakfast after having been inspired by the incredible fundraising efforts of then Captain, now Sir Colonel Tom Moore, that Oliver asked his dad if he could raise some money for charity.

‘We said “of course” and asked him what it was he wanted to do,’ said Steve. ‘He said he didn’t want to walk around his garden like “that old man,” meaning Sir Tom.

‘But instead, he wanted to reach 50mph either walking or while riding his bike! We explained, as you do, that 50mph was a speed – more often achieved by something with an engine – and that 50 miles was a distance.

‘Oliver then said he wanted to “do 50 miles.” We asked him how much money he wanted to raise and for whom, and he said: “£100 for the NHS so that doctors and nurses could buy some more masks and gloves to keep them safe.”’

Having started at the beginning of July, Oliver has already notched up a fantastic 57 miles, but he’s not done yet!

‘When we told Oliver that he’d completed his 50 miles, he said he wanted to carry on as “July hadn’t finished yet,”’ said Steve. ‘He said he wanted to “smash £1,000.” Well, he’s done that now and he’s still going. At present, he’s raised more than £1,100 for NHS Charities Together.

‘We feel so proud as parents, not just for the fact Oliver is doing this, but also because he came up with the idea himself at such a young age. We’ve had so much support from our family, friends, and both mine and my wife, Jo’s work colleagues. Thank you to everyone, who has donated so far.’

If you would like to help Oliver continue ‘smashing’ his initial target in aid of NHS Charities Together, you can visit his fundraising page here:

30 Jul 2020