'People who help us'

BLOG: Penicuik postwoman, Savanna Gill

As part of our ongoing series of blogs from throughout the business, we’ll continue to bring you stories from colleagues who are doing their bit right across the operation, on how things have changed during the current crisis.

Today, we hear from Penicuik postwoman, Savanna Gill, who joined the business in January.

‘My first day with Royal Mail was quite a tough one,’ said Savanna. ‘There was deep snow and ice and I learned the hard way how to properly navigate steps, stairs and paths.

‘I fell over, grazed my knee and prayed no one had seen me sprawled on their path! I battled on though and just hoped my colleagues were right when they said it would only get better from there!

‘Before I joined Royal Mail, I worked in the care sector. It was a rewarding yet demanding job. It teaches you to take time with people and listen, qualities I think are vital when you work in a customer services environment. I decided to change career as ultimately, I love being outdoors. I enjoy hard work, being part of a team, and meeting new people. The job really appealed to me as I wanted to not just contribute to the postal service, but also be part of a wide-reaching community.

‘This became more apparent as we went into lockdown. I’ve looked out for customers who are alone or vulnerable, and taken a little extra time to have a chat. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my area and meeting my customers. I’ve been paying special attention to all the children who wave out of their windows and draw pictures for me. One little boy even wrote me a poem called “People who help us.”

‘Working through the pandemic has opened my eyes to the kindness and generosity of the people of Penicuik, who have been doing their bit to keep me safe by disinfecting their letterboxes. It’s a privilege to know that my job keeps them connected with their families and their work and enables them to continue with their lives with parcels and packages.

‘At home, I’ve been keeping busy with my many hobbies. I paint, I enjoy baking and I love animals. I have two house rabbits. I also have a huge passion for cars and enjoy looking after mine on my days off. I’m really looking forward to attending some car shows as soon as we’re allowed to.

Becoming a postwoman has been the best career move I’ve made. I enjoy going to work every day and I have lovely colleagues…they were right when they said it would get better. It certainly does, every day.'

30 Jul 2020