Hair to be different

Sheila’s close shave raises more than £3,260 for her local food banks

Mail sorter, Sheila Kondragunta, who works in Tyneside Mail Centre, bid farewell to her locks with a charity head-shave in aid of her local food banks in Gateshead and Newcastle.

Sheila’s initial target was £300, but thanks to the generosity of her family, friends and colleagues, she ended up raising more than £3,260.

Click here to see Sheila’s transformation in action.

‘I just wanted to do some good during the pandemic and something different for charity,’ said Sheila.

‘I thought I would raise more money by shaving all my hair off, and I decided on supporting the food banks because there are so many people currently struggling in Gateshead and Newcastle.

‘I really wanted to help those who are having to use the local food banks because they have lost their jobs or been furloughed.

‘In just two weeks, I’ve raised £3,266 for the Gateshead and Newcastle West End food banks, which is amazing. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received. Thank you to everyone who donated.’

29 Jul 2020