Now recruiting…

Volunteers are needed to expand our health and wellbeing ambassador community

The recent pandemic has really demonstrated the degree to which health and safety is critical to our colleagues, our customers and our company.

We currently have around 300 volunteer health and wellbeing ambassadors across the business. These are colleagues who have a strong interest in health promotion, are able to provide local peer-to-peer support and help signpost people to get any help they may need.

We are now looking to increase our current health and wellbeing ambassador community and recruit many more ambassadors to further increase our ability to talk to colleagues about health and wellbeing issues.

Our team of ‘volunteer’ health and wellbeing ambassadors covers every area of the business and includes frontline colleagues, unit managers, health and safety reps and first aiders.

They are there to provide information and signpost colleagues to the support and assistance that is available to anyone who needs help or guidance on mental or physical health issues.

To grow our ambassador community numbers more effectively, we are moving from face-to-face upskilling events to a digital upskilling module available on SuccessFactors from Thursday 18 June.

There are opportunities for ambassadors from all roles and shifts. All we ask is for ambassadors to be positive role-models with an open and non-judgmental attitude, a positive, patient and tolerant approach towards people and their experiences, and to behave in a professional, confidential and inclusive manner at all times.

‘I wanted to help people’

Plymouth and Truro area leadership support Alison Macauley (pictured) has worked at Royal Mail for nine years, starting as a postwoman before moving into the administrative side of the business. She completed training to become a health and wellbeing ambassador in February 2019.

‘I’m a good listener and I wanted to help people,’ she said. ‘I’ve really enjoyed carrying out the role because I know that I’ve been there for people, and that by sharing something with me, they will have found more peace of mind and will know they’re not alone.

‘There is still a bit of stigma attached to talking about your mental health where people feel that if they don’t have severe symptoms, then they don’t really have an issue, but opening up to just one person can make you feel less isolated.’

Alison said that she always encourages colleagues to turn to the resources on offer, including both internal and external options.

‘Feeling First Class has fantastic resources,’ she said. ‘But there are other avenues out there for people to take if they prefer – the main thing is for them to know there is support they can turn to.’

You will require your manager’s approval to become an ambassador, and a Royal Mail email address so you can access the ambassador portal. Speak to your manager to find out more.

18 Jun 2020