Chain reaction

Community raises £1,000 to replace Pam’s stolen bike

Sunderland postwoman of 35 years, Pam Maltas, has been left overjoyed after customers on her round raised the money needed to replace her stolen bike.

When we introduced our temporary restrictions on van sharing to ensure social distancing, Pam, started using her electric bike to do her rounds.

But last month thieves stole her bike while she was delivering to homes on the corner of Granville Street and Hylton Road in Sunderland. The theft happened within minutes of Pam leaving her bike securely chained to a lamppost.

The electric bike is worth £1,000 and had been bought in September 2019 through our ‘Cycle to work’ scheme.

Following the theft, Pam spoke of her frustration that people could do such things while others were working on the frontline during the pandemic. ‘I am putting myself at risk delivering mail and this happened,’ she told the Sunderland Echo. ‘It has been quite difficult for us postal workers during this hard time and having to social distance, so I was really upset.’

In the days after the theft, Pam’s daughter set up a Just Giving Page which aimed to raise the funds needed to buy Pam a new bike. Now, thanks to the support of the community, the page has raised £1,072.

The donations mean the world to Pam, who has spent the last few weeks having to walk on her delivery rounds, despite suffering with arthritis and shin splints.

‘It is lovely and means I can get a new bike,’ she said. ‘It has been wonderful. People have been so generous. I’m a bit shocked by it all.’

Photo by Sunderland Echo.

30 Jun 2020