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Communicating more effectively with our frontline employees

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The first edition of We Connect was issued last week – our new platform to ensure frontline colleagues never miss a beat when it comes to keeping abreast of all the latest Royal Mail news.

We Connect goes direct to our frontline colleagues’ personal email addresses where they have signed up and given their consent.

We believe it’s important to communicate to colleagues at all levels. Traditionally, most of the information we receive is provided face-to-face, but with the current lockdown measures in place, this isn’t always an option.

Times have changed and we want to connect with you, in your own time. This is about keeping our postmen and women – the backbone of this organisation – informed and up to date with the latest news and employee-focused stories.

Colleagues can sign up here to receive the latest business news. All units have been sent posters for display on notice boards to promote this opportunity.