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CSP opening hours

We’re changing our opening times at customer service points

From today, Monday 6 April, we’re changing our opening times at customer service points (CSPs).

The largest 100 will open from 7am to 11am. All others will open from 7am to 9am. All will be closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Press play to hear national operations director, Simon Barker explain why.

We want to ensure that we protect the health and safety of our people and the general public as far as possible. This is our number one priority and we will be making the following temporary changes to our Customer Service Points (CSPs) with effect from Monday, 6 April:

  • The largest 100 CSPs will be open for a 4-hour window between 07:00-11:00
  • All other CSPs will be open for a 2-hour window between 07:00-09:00
  • All CSPs will be closed on Wednesdays and Sundays

As per Government advice on the avoidance of non-essential journeys, customers should only be attending CSPs for essential items. We want to make sure our people are as safe as possible and contact with customers is reduced to the minimum. 

We understand this temporary change is significant and we will endeavour to make sure colleagues have all the information they need going forward.

Temporary business customer arrangements in CSPs

We know you have been working hard to continue collecting, processing and delivering as much mail as possible, given the current challenges across the business. Due to the disruption, we are receiving feedback that more business customers are accessing CSPs to attempt to collect mail if they have not received a delivery or to drop off their collection mail. 

With the temporary CSP opening and closing times coming into effect this week, it could become a problem for some business customers who collect or drop off their mail at CSPs. We need to maintain access to our network for our business customers during this challenging time.

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