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Clean bell of health

Customer shares her cleaning tips to help keep our people safe

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A Tiverton customer's thoughtful cleaning tips to help ‘keep our postmen and women safe’ has gone viral.

Jo Byford posted the considerate plea to the 'coronavirus in Devon' Facebook group, urging others to clean their letterboxes, gate handles, door bells and knockers with anti-bacterial cleaner.

Jo's post received more than 1,600 shares from the Devon group and has prompted dozens of customers to start cleaning to help protect both themselves and our people.

Referring to the various safety measures we have introduced since the current coronavirus crisis began, Jo said: ‘As Royal Mail have indicated their job roles may change in this situation of delivering food and medicines in the coming days and weeks, it was something I thought I could do to protect others across the country.

‘Their jobs just got harder as they have brought in new changes, such as, they no longer share vans as they work in pairs.

‘Outside the NHS, postmen and women are the most at risk because they have to go door to door. Please spray some Dettol on your knockers, bells and letterboxes so we keep them safe.’

Responsible use of cleaning products

Speaking of keeping everything nice and clean, our cleaning teams are working very hard to keep our workspaces as clean as possible and well stocked with soap, hand towels, toilet rolls and other consumables.

In terms of cleaning materials, we are again experiencing supply chain pressures largely due to the increased demand from the NHS during this period. We are monitoring daily the stock levels on sites and where there are low levels, we are doing our all to increase these as quickly as possible.

Please be mindful of using all cleaning stock in your office responsibly. Our cleaning teams are a valuable resource that need to focus on their core duties to keep our offices operating. Instances of poor housekeeping and misuse and abuse of cleaning materials is an unnecessary drain on this resource and takes them away from the important tasks associated with preventing cases of Covid-19.