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Pharmacy2U CEO thanks Royal Mail for ‘connecting the nation’

Pharmacy2U is the UK's leading NHS approved online pharmacy, delivering medicines for free to customers around England.

Founded in 1999, Pharmacy2U is a subscription-based prescription delivery service, serving more than 300,000 customers a year with NHS repeat prescriptions as well as a confidential private online doctor service.

Pharmacies provide essential NHS services and are an integral part of the NHS family. Right across the UK, pharmacists have been working around the clock to support the public during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The Pharmacy2U team are classed as ‘critical sector workers.’ This means that they are able to operate fully to dispense customer’s prescriptions throughout the pandemic.

Press play to hear Pharmacy2U CEO, Mark Livingstone, explain how dependent Pharmacy2U are upon Royal Mail to deliver their customers' medication: ‘As the largest online pharmacy in the UK over the last week, we have seen an extremely significant increase in both new customer registration and demand from our existing customers.

‘Our service is used by 100,000s of people throughout England and this could easily turn into millions over the coming period.

‘We care passionately about helping people to live better lives and depend totally on Royal Mail to deliver our care to our customers.

‘Royal Mail are a vital touch point to these customers, and we are sure our customers appreciate, more than ever, the service you provide in connecting the nation.’

As our business shifts from letters to parcels, new technology such as parcel sorting machines enables us to better service clients like Pharmacy2U.

In particular, printed barcodes on parcels have proved invaluable. They allow us to sort with maximum efficiency – and track parcels throughout their delivery journey. This is especially useful with valuable cargo like medicines.

‘The new packaging runs through the machine like a dream,’ said Leeds postman, Matthew Jones. ‘Big clients boost our revenue and, of course, with Pharmacy2U we’re helping customers get their essential medicines.’