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‘They are princes’

‘@RoyalMail Absolute heroes the lot of you. Stay safe’….and other thankful tweets

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Right across the nation, customers have been conveying their thanks to our people for continuing to deliver their post

Whether it’s households sellotaping thank you cards and rainbow pictures to their front windows, or grannies giving colleagues on delivery their baking masterpieces and homemade jelly, our customers are doing what they can to bring our people a spot of cheer in these trying times.

Unsurprisingly, customers have also been flooding our Twitter feed with the below examples, voicing their appreciation for everything we are doing to help keep the country running.

  • @bcerha1914 - Can we please give a round of applause to all our brilliant @RoyalMail postmen and postwomen. They also continue to do a vital job in these uncertain times and run real risks to get us the things that we’ve sensibly ordered online. Thank you.
  • @KeirSimmons - This is our postman. Delivering our mail this morning including a card for Easter from my family. Another working man out there despite the risk keeping the world turning. Thank you to all postmen and women. They call them the Royal Mail. They are truly princes. #coronavirus
  • @SpitfireFilly - Mum just sent me a birthday card through the post for tomorrow (taking all precautions on her short walk). Look at the adorable message (pictured) she wrote to the @RoyalMail postie on the back. #coronavirusuk
  • @joysofglass – Let’s have a shout out for the #RoyalMail and all their staff working their socks off and putting themselves at risk to keep our post on the move, keeping us busy and also connected. #3cheersfortheroyalmail @BritishCrafting @folksy
  • @_Gemma325 - Big thank you to everyone working for @RoyalMail who are working tirelessly to ensure that everyone is still getting their mail during the lockdown. WE APPRECIATE YOU.
  • @PriscillasLove9 - I am very grateful towards @RoyalMail @Hermesparcels @DPD and @YodelOnline workers who are still out there delivering letters and parcels daily. We do not give them enough credit.
  • @livilovez - @RoyalMail big thanks to your staff. Stay safe.
  • @TidyboyTHFC - Want to say a massive thank you to all of the staff, the postmen/postwomen keeping people's supplies coming in. Massive Christmas tips for you guys. Thank you all at @RoyalMail @RoyalMailHelp @royalmailnews #royalmail You're all LEGENDS. We appreciate you a lot.
  • @ManningOfficial - @LizMcHale @NHSuk @RoyalMail thank you so much for what you are doing.
  • @stuboro66 - @RoyalMail Absolute heroes the lot of you. Stay safe.
  • @grhough - Thanks Postman Darren and all the @RoyalMail peeps keeping the country going. You're stars.
  • @LittleToller - Our amazing postman has agreed to collect a bag of post a day from us. Thank you so much to the @RoyalMail for keeping us going in these extraordinary times. #openforbusiness.
  • @sparkly1968 - @RoyalMail Just wanted to say a big thank you for still delivering our post in the current situation but remember to stay safe when out and about THANK YOU.
  • @Charlot35561109 - @RoyalMail You are doing a fantastic job in extraordinary circumstances - thank you.
  • @LeemingRuth - @RoyalMail Our post lady delivered a parcel to us today and I just want to say a big thank you for your continued service!
  • @nelliegummer - Also thank you @RoyalMail. Posties will be a lifeline for many people over the coming months. It's at times like these companies realise just how much of their value is the people who work for them. Be proud of yours and do right by them please.
  • @gingertotty - @glennbobclark1 I think the post is going to be a lifeline as long as it is allowed to run...Bless the posties...@RoyalMail - they're doing an amazing job.