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‘Superhero postman’

Schoolgirl shows her appreciation for colleagues with ‘hero badge’

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A schoolgirl from Walderslade, Kent has created a special hero badge for her local postmen and women to show her appreciation for the incredible work our people are doing during the lockdown.

Oaklands School pupil Emilee Baker wrote a letter and left it with the badge, addressed to ‘all at Royal Mail.’ She attached it to her letter box so colleagues could collect the kind gesture contact-free. 

Emilee’s mum, a teacher at Delce Academy in Rochester, told Kent Online: ‘I'm seen as a key worker, so at my school we're on a rota and luckily I'm with my family most the time. 

‘However, Emilee realised that although key workers like nurses and doctors were being praised and applauded for their work during this period, other key workers like teachers and postmen weren't getting the same praise.

Emilee thanked ‘hero’ colleagues for everything they are doing during the ongoing lockdown and said it was down to Royal Mail that her sister, Kayla was able to celebrate her 16th birthday.

Emilee’s mum, added: ‘She knew the postmen were still working and leaving their families during this time as her sister's birthday present still arrived thanks to Royal Mail.’

Photo by Kent Online.