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Toilet facilities, faith/prayer rooms, employee shares and ID badges

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We have issued further guidance to the operation regarding the use of toilet facilities when out on delivery, faith/prayer rooms, stopping the purchase of SIP partnership and matching shares, and replacing ID badges.

The latest up-to-date information and advice can be found within our Questions & Answers document at

The key changes in today's advice include:

  • Business customers, including supermarkets, are legally required to provide toilet facilities. If there is an urgent requirement to wash hands e.g. first aid incident, visit the nearest public convenience or return to your office.
  • Wherever possible, faith/prayer rooms should remain open, but only where social distancing measures can be implemented. Visitors should always wash their hands before and after use. These rooms will be cleaned in line with the enhanced cleaning protocols.
  • SIP Partnership and Matching shares - You can reduce, stop and restart your weekly or monthly pay deduction by logging on to the Employee Share Plan portal at or by ringing the Employee Shares Helpline on 0800 012 12 13. Calls are free from a BT landline
  • ID badge renewals are automatic and should be received approximately one month before expiry. To replace or obtain a damaged, lost or stolen ID card, the manager (or person authorised for the unit) should complete an application via Order Photo ID. You cannot apply for your own ID badge – ask your line manager.

Should the information and materials on this page not answer specific queries you may have regarding coronavirus, please contact or Advice and Support on 0345 604 2787.