Central role

PostEurop’s Cynthia Wee explains how postmen and women are being supported

Despite the significant disruption caused by the increasing spread of coronavirus, postal companies across Europe are continuing to operate while prioritising the health of their postmen and women.

Press play to hear PostEurop communications and public affairs manager, Cynthia Wee, explain what’s happening with postal companies across the continent and how postmen and women are being supported.

‘If you take Italy for example, who as an epicentre for coronavirus are obviously much further along than everyone else, postal deliveries are still running in places like Lombardy and Poste Italiane is doing the best it can to ensure that people and their families receive their provisions, their mail, and their parcels.

‘There are two million postal workers across Europe and we all have the same challenges at this point in time.

‘As postal operators, we want to make sure that at this critical time, governments, communities and everyone realises the important role that we play in ensuring that physical deliveries continue happening.

‘Because when things get back on track, they need to remember the central role we played.’

25 Mar 2020