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‘One in a million’

Homemade jelly’s not a bad return for Ken’s community kindness

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It’s in times of crisis like this that our amazing people really come into their own. As thousands of us are stuck at home due to coronavirus, there are many who are providing a valuable lifeline in their communities.

One such hero is postman, Daniel Goodwin, aka Ken, who has been so much more than a friendly face on his round in Bury St Edmunds for the past eight years.

Now to lend a helping hand to anyone who is having to self-isolate, Ken has been posting the below handwritten note through no less than 587 customers’ letterboxes offering his personal assistance.

‘If you need help or a few bits of shopping and you are self-isolating, then pop a note on your door and over the next few days I will try and get them.’

He’s already had a few requests for essentials - medication, wipes, bread and tea - but he has also received dozens of messages of appreciation, as well as gifts including £15 to support his efforts and some homemade jelly.

One customer described Ken as ‘one in a million,’ while another, penned their own note to say: ‘Dear Ken the postie, you are a total legend…you stay safe #bestpostieever.’

‘I suppose it makes me feel better that I’m supporting others who might not be able to get the help I suppose,’ he told the East Anglian Times.

‘I thought I would deliver to the pregnant or elderly, but then I thought I may as well deliver to everybody. I’m like an ox. It doesn’t bother me.’

Bury St Edmunds delivery line manager, Lee Bennett, said: ‘Ken’s a really nice guy. He’s very kind- hearted and helpful and has a history of organising successful charity events within the community. He’s definitely a valuable member of my team at Bury St Edmunds Delivery Office.

‘It doesn’t surprise me that he’s offered his services to the people who will need to stay behind closed doors for the foreseeable future. A big well done to Ken, I know he will do whatever he can to help the people of Bury St Edmunds, while we all experience this difficult time.’

Photo by East Anglian Times.