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Dancing with the cards

Exchanging dances with Wakefield’s finest

When our social media team had a brainstorm about their forthcoming Valentine’s Day campaign, they decided to create a film using dance as a medium to convey what we do as a business.

Social media executive Sarah Bowers knew that Wakefield College in West Yorkshire had a higher education dance programme, providing professional dance training in commercial, contemporary, jazz, ballet, tap, choreography, conditioning and community dance teaching.

Press play to watch the students in action.

‘For our Valentine’s video, Wakefield College’s dance tutor, Louise Wilkins was happy to take on the task of choreography and enlisted her students on HND Dance and BA Hons in Performance Industries courses to perform,’ said Sarah.  

‘Senior content production manager Julia Casson and I went for an initial meeting where we laid out the scenes we wanted the students to choreograph. We went back as a team to see the choreography and plan some of the more technical shots prior to the full shoot.

 ‘The shoot took place over two days in January, and included filming on location in Wakefield at Chantry Bridge, Crown Court and the college restaurant. It was the most ambitious film shoot we’ve done to date, with a large cast of dancers and lots of moving parts, but we think it’s something that really conveys what we do as a business and how our network functions in an engaging way.’