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‘Top work posties!’

Conservationist Chris Packham compliments our ‘excellent service’

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Wildlife TV presenter and conservationist Chris Packham praised our ‘excellent service’ after receiving the four letters pictured that, to put it mildly, weren’t exactly addressed in the correct manner!

His initial tweet then prompted a flurry of follow-up tweets from customers praising our people, some of which are included below.

  • @ChrisGPackham – I got home last night to these three letters and feel compelled to compliment the excellent service provided by @RoyalMail. . . and as this Icelandic example shows . . . ‘snail mail’ still has a monopoly on romance! Top work posties!
  • @secretsurfer – Fab service by my postie Roy in Exeter - he always goes the extra mile to get my post to me.
  • @Base52GC – We still use @RoyalMail for their great service.
  • @JacqBetula – Postal workers are outstanding at their jobs.
  • @beta_gershimon – I used to work at Royal Mail and yeah, they'd go above and beyond to get mail delivered.
  • @MadPunyGoddess – That's brilliant. Our postman, Ivan is like Sherlock Holmes. He manages to sort out all sorts of vague addresses. He's a legend.
  • @raowilson – My postie is known by the whole community. He was one of the first people to meet my baby daughter at the end of last year and is a real local legend @RoyalMail.
  • @Lindainuxbridge – How fantastic are Royal Mail.
  • @letterappsoc – Posties are the best!
  • @DonnaHe60990670 – @ChrisGPackham @RoyalMail @PostOffice @PostOfficeNews And a Gruffalo stamp. Class. We love our postie, always chats. Great work @RoyalMail.
  • @MsTEque1 – How wonderful. You cannot beat a good postie. So important to keep @RoyalMail going.
  • @cssc0der – To the @RoyalMail guys I met tonight you are legends like genuinely. And you love you job too.
  • @SkiptonLadiesFc – Massive thank you to Alan from @RoyalMail Skipton and @FvHtweets for making sure we received the football and campaign pack in time for tomorrow’s game!
  • @dansherratt2 – @RoyalMail post woman who delivered this morning was lovely. Credit to your company. Thought I’d let you know.
  • @samtasticf – @RoyalMail we had an item addressed wrong (our fault) wasn’t sure where it was to be delivered. Chris and Paul at Selby post sorting office very helpful. Great service.
  • @KirstyNmit – Thought I’d let @RoyalMail know you’ve got a really kind hearted and diligent worker in Hazel Grove. Thank you.