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‘Top work posties!’

Conservationist Chris Packham compliments our ‘excellent service’

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Wildlife TV presenter and conservationist Chris Packham praised our ‘excellent service’ after receiving a number of letters that, to put it mildly, weren’t exactly addressed in the correct manner!

His initial tweet then prompted a flurry of follow-up tweets from customers praising our people, some of which are included below.

  • @ChrisGPackham – I got home last night to these three letters and feel compelled to compliment the excellent service provided by @RoyalMail. . . and as this Icelandic example shows . . . ‘snail mail’ still has a monopoly on romance! Top work posties!
  • @secretsurfer – Fab service by my postie Roy in Exeter - he always goes the extra mile to get my post to me.
  • @Base52GC – We still use @RoyalMail for their great service.
  • @JacqBetula – Postal workers are outstanding at their jobs.
  • @beta_gershimon – I used to work at Royal Mail and yeah, they'd go above and beyond to get mail delivered.
  • @MadPunyGoddess – That's brilliant. Our postman, Ivan is like Sherlock Holmes. He manages to sort out all sorts of vague addresses. He's a legend.
  • @raowilson – My postie is known by the whole community. He was one of the first people to meet my baby daughter at the end of last year and is a real local legend @RoyalMail.
  • @Lindainuxbridge – How fantastic are Royal Mail.
  • @letterappsoc – Posties are the best!
  • @DonnaHe60990670 – @ChrisGPackham @RoyalMail @PostOffice @PostOfficeNews And a Gruffalo stamp. Class. We love our postie, always chats. Great work @RoyalMail.
  • @MsTEque1 – How wonderful. You cannot beat a good postie. So important to keep @RoyalMail going.
  • @cssc0der – To the @RoyalMail guys I met tonight you are legends like genuinely. And you love you job too.
  • @SkiptonLadiesFc – Massive thank you to Alan from @RoyalMail Skipton and @FvHtweets for making sure we received the football and campaign pack in time for tomorrow’s game!
  • @dansherratt2 – @RoyalMail post woman who delivered this morning was lovely. Credit to your company. Thought I’d let you know.
  • @samtasticf – @RoyalMail we had an item addressed wrong (our fault) wasn’t sure where it was to be delivered. Chris and Paul at Selby post sorting office very helpful. Great service.
  • @KirstyNmit – Thought I’d let @RoyalMail know you’ve got a really kind hearted and diligent worker in Hazel Grove. Thank you.