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Customer thanks George for his immediate response when asked to help

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Lincoln postman George Willers has been praised for his ‘brilliant’ and ‘immediate’ response after helping an elderly woman, who had suffered a heart attack in her car.

George was on his round when he was asked by the woman’s neighbour, a Mr Jones, for help.

As she was unconscious, Mr Jones was struggling to lift the woman out of her car, while her husband rang the emergency services. But with George’s help, they managed to get her into the house and into a wheelchair, where she received treatment.

Sadly, despite everyone’s best efforts, the woman died later in Lincoln County Hospital.

Following the incident, Mr Jones sent a thank you letter to Lincoln Delivery Office detailing his gratitude to George ‘as without him, I could not have moved the lady to give her the best chance of survival.’

Mr Jones added: ‘His response was immediate. He did not hesitate and his positive assistance made a great deal of difference to the situation…I wanted to personally contact you regarding this incident and say a big thank you for all the help you offered. Community spirit at its best!’

When Lincoln delivery office line manager, Kev Lang, showed George Mr Jones’s letter, he said: ‘I believe my actions were normal and that anyone in my shoes would have done the same that day.

‘My thoughts are with the family as well as with the neighbour who also helped, especially with it being over Christmas and all the extra emotion that period brings.’

Kev Lang, said: ‘George is a relatively new member of the Lincoln team, but he’s turned out to be a great asset to us.

‘As a leave reserve, George gets on with everyone and takes on new duties without complaint. He’s always happy to help others and it’s this kind of spirit that was really on show that day.

‘George has a great “can-do” attitude and we’re really pleased to have him on the team.’