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Menzies Distribution introduces electric vehicles to its Scottish fleet

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Menzies Distribution has expanded its zero-emissions delivery fleet to more than 120 vehicles.

The company already has the UK’s largest all electric vehicle fleet as well as the largest commercial charging infrastructure in the UK through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Gnewt, delivering parcels across London.

The new vans are based in Oban serving routes across West Scotland and are the first electric vehicles to be based in Menzies Distribution’s Scottish network.

The vans have a ‘real world’ range of around 120 miles, with Menzies working towards charging using renewable energy across its entire operation, further cutting the carbon footprint of deliveries.

As part of our own efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we are currently trialling lorries fuelled by bio-compressed natural gas.

Although they look and feel like diesel-powered vehicles, the swap to bio-compressed natural gas will mean our vehicles will emit up to 85% less greenhouse gases. The combustion process is also quieter, providing a further benefit to our customers.

We collate data regarding mileage, fuel used, maintenance and driver feedback to fully understand suitability, to place the vehicles on the optimum route and duty to achieve the best results.

We will review the success of the trial to inform whether we will roll out more vehicles in the future. The bio-compressed natural gas trucks operate out of our National Distribution Centre and Chorley Vehicle Operating Centre and are refuelled at the facilities within two miles of each site.

Menzies Distribution’s Gnewt subsidiary has recently delivered its 10 millionth parcel emission free, saving a total estimated 2.3 million kgs of CO2 compared to standard diesel delivery vehicles, demonstrating the positive impact that green delivery can have. With this new national EV strategy coming in to effect, Menzies Distribution is beginning the next phase of its fleet electrification programme.

Adam Smith, group commercial director at Menzies Distribution, said: ‘We currently have more than 120 electric vehicles delivering parcels, with a particular concentration in London, and we are looking to take the lessons we have learned from running one of the largest all-electric fleets in the UK and roll out across the country.’