Your Go 2 Apps

Some things are better as a ‘two’. Make the People App and Workplace your 'Go 2 Apps'.

Workplace and the People App

Don’t miss out on news updates, live events, the chance to quiz senior leaders and business-wide collaboration by getting on and using Workplace.

For the People App, it’s all about the tools to help you in your job – and new features are constantly being added.

Both Apps can be downloaded to your device from the App Store or Google Play, search:

  • Royal Mail People App
  • Workplace by Facebook

Access all the latest information you ever need - anywhere, anytime with your Go 2 Apps.

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12 January 2022

Your Go 2 Apps

People App

Using the People App you will be able to have access to lots of great features that range from accessing your annual leave information and payslips, to updating your personal details or catching up on our news.

Simply download the app and follow the registration process to get started. You will need to complete our validation step to make sure you are you!

For frontline users without a Royal Mail email address, once you’re on access the Workplace tile in the My Services section to find your Workplace username and password. 

Find more information about how to log-on here


Everyone can now get access to Workplace. This is an easy-to-use, mobile-first platform that connects our entire organisation.

It’s a dedicated and secure space for colleagues to communicate and collaborate.

It’s completely separate from your personal Facebook account but behaves in a similar way, so should be quite familiar.

You’ll find a dedicated Royal Mail News group for all your business news. Team Royal Mail where you can share your news and find out what your colleagues are up to, plus site specific groups, interest groups and so much more.

Find more information about how to log-on here