Workplace by Facebook

We're excited to invite you to join Workplace by Facebook. This page provides instructions for getting on board, and links to the relevant policies.

Workplace by Facebook is an easy-to-use, mobile-first communication tool that will connect our entire company, from the CEO to the site. 

It is a dedicated and secure space for Royal Mail colleagues to connect, communicate, collaborate and engage, and is completely separate from personal Facebook. 

Log-in on your mobile via the Workplace from Facebook App or at

During the sign-up process you will be need to Accept the following policies Social Media and Acceptable Use Policy. 

Become a Workplace champion

If you would like to become a Workplace champion, please click here to access the form

Help using workplace

If you want help using Workplace please use the Workplace Help Centre or the Workplace Tips and Tricks group.

You can also access Workplace FAQs here.

Workplace do's and don'ts

Workplace is a business tool, access the workplace do's and don'ts to see the guidance about how you should use the tool.  

Instructions for logging on for the first time

To log in via the Workplace by Facebook App, follow the steps below. You can also print off and share this one page step-by-step guide on how to sign up and log in to Workplace by Facebook, follow this link - Step by step guide to accessing Facebook Workplace

Download the App

Via the Workplace by Facebook App 

Access the App Store or Google Play and Search for 'Workplace.' Take care not to select the Workplace Chat app by mistake. Download Workplace by Facebook.

Log in

Open the app and select Log in. 

Enter your email address / username

Where it asks for your business email address, please use the email address / username that was included in your payslip (w/c 22 March) – the username ends with (do not use a personal email address). Tap Next. 

If you can't find your username and password, please refer to the FAQ page - 'I haven't received a username and password for Workplace?'

Sign in

You will see the message 'Workplace wants to use to sign in' – click Continue. If you have other Microsoft accounts, you may go to a Microsoft screen, where you are asked to 'pick an account', click ‘use another account’ (you may not see this screen if you do not already have Microsoft accounts).

Confirm details

You will now need to re-enter the email address / username. 

Enter password

You will now need to enter the password that is show on your payslip.

Please take care to type your password exactly as it appears on the payslip, and watch out for letter O, which could be upper case or lower case, or could be a zero - and upper and lower case letters which look similar etc...  

Update your password

You will be asked to update your password, type in the Current password, provided on your payslip, and then type in your New password and Confirm your new password In the box below, select Sign In

More information required

Royal Mail needs to collect some further information, so we can verify who you are if you forget your password in future - click Next

Don't lose access to your account!

Choose one or more of the authentication questions you’d like to set up and click on the blue ‘Set it up now’ link text

Setting up a mobile number for authentication

Select your country code by selecting the down arrow and selecting the country from the list at the bottom of the screen, and add in your mobile phone number


You will be sent an authentication text to your phone, enter that and click Verify

Validate or finish

You can either set up other validation questions or click Finish

Give permission

The following screen will display, click Allow. 

Enter your details

You full name will be populated here, click Continue. 

Sign in

You will be signed in using single sign-on. 

Start following

Follow at least four Royal Mail colleagues.

Tap to accept

You will then be asked to accept the policies and guidelines for using Workplace. Please read these carefully and tap to Accept. 

Congratulations - you're there!

You are now logged in to Workplace at Royal Mail!