We're excited to invite you to join Workplace. This page provides instructions for getting on board, and links to the relevant policies.

Workplace is an easy-to-use, mobile-first communication tool that will connect our entire company, from the CEO to the site. 

It is a dedicated and secure space for Royal Mail colleagues to connect, communicate, collaborate and engage, and is completely separate from personal Facebook. 

Log-in on your mobile via the 'Workplace from Meta' App or at

Log in for the first time:

  • Frontline users should log-in using the username ( and password, available on the People App Workplace tile and sent in payslips. Once you have the username and password, follow the step by step instructions provided below or refer to this poster, which you can also print out.
  • IT connected users with an email address, should log in using their email address ( as the username and their windows password (the one they use to log-in to a Royal Mail PC).
  • PFSL connected users (with a business email address) - please click here for instructions.

Policies and guides

Please refer to the: 

During the sign-up process you will need to Accept the Acceptable Use Policy and the Social Media Guide

Instructions - Download the Workplace App

Search for ‘Workplace by Meta’ in the App Store or Google Play and ‘Download’.

To log-in you will need your username and password. This is available in the Workplace tile on the People App – it ends with If no username and password is displayed on the People App, it's likely that you have an email address and will need to use this to log-in.

Log in to Workplace

Open the Workplace App and select ‘Log in’ (do not click sign-up)

Enter your business email address/username, from the Workplace tile on the People App or your payslip – this ends Click ‘Next’

Click ‘Continue’ at the 'Workplace wants to use to sign in' pop-up. (You will be taken to a Microsoft screen - DO NOT use your personal email address, click ‘use another account’.)

Re-enter your email address/username (ending - and click 'Next'.

Enter your password and click ‘Sign In’.

Enter the password again - in the current password section, then choose a new password and click ‘Sign In’.

Protect your account

Royal Mail needs to collect some further information to verify who you are. Click ‘Next’ at the ‘More information required’ screen.

Authenticate your account – choose the questions you’d like to set up, and click on ‘Set it up now’.

Input your mobile phone number and click ‘Text me’. Enter the code you are sent and click ‘Verify’.

Confirm your account

You will be asked to allow single sign-on. Click ‘Allow’.

At the “Enter your details” page, your full name will appear. Click ‘Continue’. You will be signed in using single sign-on.

Read the policies and guidelines carefully. Click ‘Accept’.

You're in!

Discover what’s happening in Royal Mail on Workplace today.