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CEO Simon Thompson: "I’m a big believer in listening: to you, and to our customers and I'm keen to hear what you think. Please share your views using the form below or by searching Your View on Workplace."

You can share your ideas directly by posting on Workplace. Search Your View and add your views. Or complete the form below.

Our customers – What are their needs in 2021 and beyond? What is different? How can we improve our existing services for them – and create new services to meet their changing needs?

Trust – How do we build trusted relationships across all levels of our business? 

Growth – How can we grow our business and our share of the market? What new services could we introduce to build on our existing expertise and reputation?

If you’re a customer and need assistance from us, please visit our Help Centre where you can search for the information you need, or contact us via our dedicated Enquiry Form.

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