4 July 2020
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Helping communities, personal development and team working
Volunteering grants

Royal Mail is proud of the unique role we play in UK society. Quite unlike most other businesses, we have a presence in every community across the UK. 

We are passionate about using our national reach to support those communities. We encourage our people to play an active role through fundraising and volunteering.

Volunteering provides vital support for charities and community groups (registered good causes). It helps strengthen relationships between the business and the communities in which we operate. It can also be an excellent activity for team building and individual development.

For information, please read the special leave policy and speak to your line manager.

If I want to volunteer what do I need to do?

Volunteering is a personal thing and most people identify their own volunteering opportunity by speaking directly to charities and good causes that they wish to help.

However, from time to time, we will be asked by a charity to publicise volunteering opportunities to our people. We will generally promote these through our internal communications channels.

Any current volunteering opportunities will be listed here along with the details on how to apply.

Can I get paid time off to undertake volunteering?

Please refer to the special leave policy and speak to your line manager. Please ensure that all volunteering, whether paid or unpaid, is recorded on PSP. This allows us to accurately monitor the support our people give to communities all around the UK.

Personal development and team building

Volunteering can also be very effective for both personal development and team building.

Whether you are looking to develop yourself, colleagues or a team, you should consider whether there are volunteering opportunities that could help.

If you have any questions about volunteering please either contact Penny Amatt, CSR and Community Investment Manager or email community@royalmail.com