Corporate Responsibility

Royal Mail seeks to be an integral, valued and trusted part of every community that our service reaches. Our main contribution to communities is our social and economic impact. We make the seventh largest contribution of any UK-based company to the UK economy. One in every 192 jobs in the UK is provided by Royal Mail. Our employment is disproportionately weighted towards areas where there are fewer job opportunities available. This enables us to make a significant contribution to social inclusion.

Alongside our socio-economic impact, we expand our positive impact through strategic community investments. These include charitable initiatives that leverage our national scale and local presence.

In 2018–19, Royal Mail contributed £5.77 million directly to good causes and schemes for disadvantaged groups. This includes our Articles for the Blind service. The service enables blind and partially sighted individuals to send items, such as talking books, mobility aids and relief maps, free of charge. Our contribution also includes £655,000 in matched giving and grant schemes to support employees’ fundraising for registered charities and good causes.

To read more about our wider CR strategy please see our latest CR report.