20 January 2020
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2019 This video was made for one of our Data Protection Campaigns a few years ago, but it's still as relevant today!


Data Protection Day – 28th January 2019

Protect and preserve information

Data Protection Day is an annual event designed to raise awareness around data protection and privacy. As part of Data Protection Day we believe it is a good chance to remind everyone of their role in protecting Royal Mail Group’s information, especially as the GDPR introduces harsher consequences for getting it wrong. 

Royal Mail Group has the details of every address in the UK including the people who live or work here. We are legally obliged to protect this information, and as the Universal Service Provider we have a duty to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the mail.

With data breaches profilerating at multiple large companies, it is important that we protect our information. We have to protect data about our customers, our employees and the business.

Everyone in Royal Mail has a responsibility to protect the information we are being sent, produce or collect. This may mean following Standard Operating Procedures correctly, ensuring Redirections are right, or that work on your computer is password protected.

If you work in an office you should lock your computer screens when you’re away from them, and clear your desks at night. If you are in a public place with a Royal Mail laptop, PDA or smartphone ensure no-one can see the screen, and be conscious of the risk of theft.

Cyber-criminals constantly test the IT defences of businesses, looking for a way in with the easiest way to attack the user, you. To prepare for this, computer users should inform themselves of the risks of phishing and malware. They are after the information we hold, it’s a valuable resource able to use for multiple cases of fraud and theft.

If you have been the victim of crime which puts information at risk, such as having your laptop or a notebook stolen, or if you experience suspicious activity on your device contact the IT Helpdesk.

If you would like more information contact the Think Secure Team @ ThinkSecure@royalmail.com