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Payroll giving is a simple tax effective way to give to causes you care about through your pay. Simply complete this form and your donations will start to be deducted from your next available pay.

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* Please note, if you pledged to your support to the Charity Partner, you will have committed to supporting our lead charity partner, Action for Children, and all other future charity partners voted for by colleagues.

If you have ticked box 1 or 2 you only need to enter the amount you would like to donate in the section below. To give to Mental Health UK or Mind or any other charity, please enter the charity name below.

Royal Mail Group’s payroll giving agency, Charities Trust, charges a nominal 25p per month per donor to cover administration costs, up to a limit of £3 a year in total.

 If you would like to cancel Pennies from Pay you will need to do this through your line manager on PSP. This form is for Payroll Giving only. 


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Completing this form involves sharing your details with Charities Trust. They are a regulated Payroll Giving Agency working with your company to process Payroll Giving donations under HMRC guidelines.

Charities Trust collect your personal information to process your donations and ensure they reach your chosen charity(ies); they do not collect any sensitive personal data as part of this process.

Charities Trust will only ever contact you if they have any queries relating to your Payroll Giving donations.

Your contact details will only be shared with your chosen charity(ies) if you want them to be by opting in to receive these via:

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They are only permitted to contact you if you give them specific consent. They might send you updates about news, events and fundraising activities.

For more information on how Charities Trust uses and protects your data you can view their privacy policy here: