‘Incredibly proud’

Blackpool postman, Andrew Corbett, celebrates 50 years’ service this January

A huge congratulations to Blackpool postman, Andrew Corbett, who celebrates a colossal 50 years’ service at Royal Mail this January.

Andrew started with the business on 4 January 1971 – the same year that decimalisation was introduced in the UK, Arsenal won the FA Cup final with a 2–1 win over Liverpool at Wembley, and the first Reading Festival ‘of jazz and progressive music’ took place.

Blackpool delivery office manager, Stephen Butler, said: ‘Andrew isn’t really one for the limelight, but when I spoke to him on the day he was presented with his long service award, he said he was incredibly proud of his 50 years at Royal Mail and has always enjoyed his role as a postman.

‘In terms of milestone events in his career, Andrew mentioned two major changes involving Blackpool Delivery Office. One was the move from the old site to the current new build in 2015, but perhaps the biggest change he recalled was when Preston Mail Centre opened, and the outward operation moved from Blackpool. At the time, several of Andrew’s colleagues went with the work, but he stayed put as he liked his role on delivery. And although he missed some of his old friends, he says he was glad he stayed in Blackpool.

‘Before I became Andrew’s manager, I worked alongside him many years ago when I was an OPG myself. I have always been impressed by Andrew’s tremendous work ethic and I know he is highly respected by both his colleagues and his managers. Andrew is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and he is a valued member of the Blackpool team. We’re very lucky to have him.’

Steve Selby, service delivery leader for North West England, said: ‘On behalf of the company, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the 50 years Andrew has given to Royal Mail. I sincerely value his commitment, dedication and loyalty to the business.

‘I also want to thank Andrew’s family for supporting him in providing this great service. As I explained to Andrew and his colleagues during his presentation, in my many years of being a senior manager and presenting long service awards, I have only ever presented a couple of 50-year milestones, so it was a real honour for me too.

‘Andrew is held in high regard by his colleagues and the management team alike, and he is clearly a valuable member of the Blackpool delivery team.’

12 Jan 2021