Customers about you

A selection of some of the best comments we’ve been receiving

We’ve selected our top five customer compliments from the past month, to show just how much love happy customers have been showing to Royal Mail over the busy Peak period.

It’s been a tough job to choose just five given the sheer volume we’ve received.

Many of the comments have been given to individuals, showing just how important and valued our relationship with our customers really is.

You are what makes Royal Mail the trusted company that it is. Thank you to everyone for working so hard to deliver and doing it so tirelessly. You are an inspiration!

  • ‘You have come up with a winner with the collection of parcels. I purchased only yesterday the stamp labels and the date of collection. Today, the collection occurred with our regular postman. It has helped me immensely: it meant I didn’t have to struggle to get parked in the local town, walk with four different-sized and weight parcels and my three-year-old boy to the post office. It’s a brilliant idea and long may it continue. I am so pleased with the service. I certainly will be recommending this to all that know me. My postman does a fabulous job and is always polite and pleasant.’ Elaine, Otley
  • ‘Richard and his team went above and beyond to help me when a parcel was delayed. I visited three days in a row with tears aplenty in their office! The magical Christmas miracle of my bespoke painted jean jacket arriving for my wedding day with 24 hours to spare was just amazing – thank you for all the care and attention. We enjoyed a wonderful wedding, with my beautiful jean jacket, and I have them to thank!’ Alice, Bristol
  • I had an extra special delivery this morning from Royal Mail - my dog! She had managed to get out of the garden as we forgot to lock the gate. I stay on a main road and if it hadn't been for you guys being outside, I dread to think what might have happened! A huge thank you to the chap that brought my fur baby home.’ Jenn, Elgin
  • ‘Simon goes above and beyond for all of us on the Green Farm estate. He is friendly and engages with everyone and has even dressed up for the kids for Xmas, losing his beard on 23 December as the weather was so horrendous for him. He still came back on 24 December with his Santa kit - minus the wrecked beard. Three cheers for Simon our postie.’ Anonymous
  • Sarah has gone above and beyond. She’s a wonderful lady, always cheerful and chatty. I lost my mum on 11 December and Sarah posted a card giving me her support and saying to always ask her for help if I need it. Sadly, she is being moved to another location and will be missed down Dominion Road! I sincerely hope she can come back to us in the future. We desperately need more people like Sarah in this world.’ Anonymous
13 Jan 2021