Star power

Pride and dedication common a common theme for this year’s Christmas Stars winners

Christmas may have passed but colleagues continue to pull out all the stops as our busiest period continues, writes Rachel Brennan.

Thank you for your incredible efforts this year, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Some colleagues who have performed exceptionally well this Peak have been recognised with a Christmas Star award.

Hoddesdon Delivery Office manager Andrew Cattermole says it’s good to show your colleagues recognition - a thank you goes a long way.

Andrew nominated postman Steve Liddard (pictured) for showing real leadership in what is a difficult time for everyone.

Andrew said: ‘From being selfless to helping others, and to always demonstrating customer excellence – Steve has shown all the qualities from an individual that strives to be the best.’

Steve says the team at Hoddesdon always look to support each other and that collectively it’s been a tremendous effort by everyone.

‘I appreciate being recognised, I always try to go the extra mile, to be rewarded is nice to be thought of in this way,’ Steve said.

‘I wish all my colleagues a successful new year.’

Dagenham Delivery Office manager, Nicola Di Stasio, believes everyone deserves acknowledgement for what they’ve achieved for our country this year.

‘My team have worked amazingly hard. I nominated Asif Sutaryia because he continued to show great strength and resilience, even when he took on a mammoth task, which at times would have tried the patience of a saint given the volumes of parcels and mail he was delivering on a daily basis for seven solid months!’ she said.

‘He is a shining example of what good looks like and how working together as one team can achieve what at times seemed the impossible.

For postman Asif, winning a Christmas Star award makes him more motivated to continue the work that he’s doing.

And what’s his final year message to colleagues? ‘Do your best at work and always try to put a smile on our customers face, especially during these difficult times.'

29 Dec 2020