Pathway to change

Watch an RMtv Special for the full details of our agreement with CWU

The full details of our agreement with the CWU are revealed in a must-watch RMtv Special, available now.

The programme can be watched here, and shared with your colleagues using this link, as interim CEO Stuart Simpson and chief operating officer Achim Dünnwald describe the details of the agreement and what it means for our transformation plans.

‘This agreement gives us a clear pathway to change that will bring major benefits to customers, employees and the company,’ says Stuart.

‘Both parties recognise this will require new ways of working, a more flexible business, greater use of technology and the insight of our tremendous workforce.’

We have agreed to move forward with revisions in all operational areas.

‘We haven’t made the changes we have needed for the better part of the last two years,’ reflects Achim. ‘Now we have a comprehensive programme to do so.’

22 Dec 2020