Sophie’s superior service

Multi-skilled and multi-tasking Cambridge LD colleague celebrated

Customer recognition for Sophie Garner’s exceptional efforts earned her Cambridge LD’s Employee of the Month award for August 2020.aNaming Sophie Garner as Cambridge LD’s Employee of the Month for August 2020, Dean Bland (Operations Manager, Cambridge LD) described her as a pivotal part of the admin team. “She performs her role of Pre-briefer to a very high standard,” said Dean. “Keeping Drivers inline and happy first thing is not easy, but she makes it look like a breeze.”

He added that Sophie is also the Depot H&S Rep and has helped keep the depot stay COVID-19 compliant throughout the pandemic. “Handing out PPE, keeping up stock levels, making sure the correct and clear signage is kept up-to-date and keeping the COVID-19 board up-to-date are just a few things she has helped whilst performing her day job,” Dean explained. “In the afternoons, Sophie’s duty is on the phones – and it’s her actions in this area that earned Sophie this award.” 

It turns out that a customer sent an email the Depot explaining what Sophie had done to help resolve an issue and describing the extra lengths she went to ensure the parcel was collected with a receipt, then also confirmed it had been delivered. “This is the level of service that we can proudly celebrate and share,” said Dean.

18 Nov 2020