Shared vans

WATCH: How we’re reintroducing shared vans on a voluntary basis

In this week’s RMtv programme, Shaun Davis, global director compliance and sustainability, provides our position on the voluntary reintroduction of shared vans.

In line with Government guidelines around social distancing, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, in March we implemented a one-person, one van rule. Now on a voluntary basis, we’re reintroducing shared vans.

Press play to hear Shaun explain our latest guidance on van sharing.

‘We’ve been looking at van sharing for quite some time,’ said Shaun. ‘We’ve had an enormous number of requests and support for a return to shared vans. We’ve put in place a risk management strategy, along with other Covid-secure guidance, policy standards, checklists and manager support.

‘We go through a really robust process of scrutinising all the communications and data we have. So, you can trust the information we provide you has gone though some very rigorous testing.’

Also, in the programme, there’s an update on developments with our Midlands parcel hub and Anne-Marie, a driver from Stockport, takes us behind the scenes of a typical night shift on the road.

There’s also a brilliant example of good safety in action, as Vince Knox from Alnwick Delivery Office, shares how he avoided a potentially disastrous rollaway accident.

The programme is now live across our channels. This includes Content on Demand for those safe and able to watch on that channel, socially distanced.

12 Oct 2020