Not all doom and gloom

A reassuring 77 per cent of online shoppers trust Royal Mail to deliver

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to an 11 per cent year-on-year increase in the monthly amount consumers spend online, according to our annual Delivery Matters study.

Online shopping helped UK shoppers to get through the early stages of lockdown. The average UK shopper now spends on average £83 a month online compared to £75 in 2019.

Social media influence continues to grow, with 25 per cent of people purchasing items online after seeing posts or comments by others, with younger shoppers (47 per cent of 18-34s) and women (30 per cent) most likely to have made a purchase after being influenced by online posts.

The reasons for opting to shop online rather than in-store remain similar to last year: ease of comparing prices (53 per cent), more choice (51 per cent), easier to search and buy (49 per cent) as well as the comfort and convenience of shopping from home (44 per cent).

In terms of the most popular days when people like to shop online, Friday and Saturday led the charge. Although 67 per cent said they were not swayed by one day in particular as they would gladly shop on any day of the week. As for the preferred time, smartphone users tend to be night owls (59 per cent shopping between midnight and 6am), whilst those using desktops typically make purchases during the day.

Two thirds of shoppers prefer home delivery but if that option isn’t on offer, the Post Office remains the most trusted alternative (73 per cent). Delivery to the local Customer Service Point was preferred by 67 per cent of online shoppers (up from 64 per cent in 2019).

It’s also not all doom and gloom for the high street. The research shows that 90 per cent of UK online shoppers continue to purchase in-store as lockdown restrictions ease.

Chief commercial officer, Nick Landon, said: ‘The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has increased the amount consumers are spending online as well as changed online shopping habits. The influence of social media over what people do and do not buy continues to grow.

‘When it comes to having their precious items delivered, online shoppers continue to put their trust in the knowledge, expertise and reassurance of the Royal Mail brand. 77 per cent of online shoppers trust Royal Mail to deliver. That’s much more than any other carrier.

13 Oct 2020