‘Last line of defence’

WATCH: The simple safety actions to avoid the devastating consequences of a rollaway

Forgetting a simple safety procedure, such as the ‘H.I.T. system’ – Handbrake on, In gear, Turn wheels, can cause major damage or even seriously endanger yourself or others.

It could have happened with postman Vince Knox, from Alnwick Delivery Office, who returned to his van to find the handbrake cable had snapped.

Thankfully, Vince remembered his safety knowledge and by leaving his van in gear and the wheels turned in, he avoided seeing the vehicle rolling down the hill into the village high street.

Press play to hear from the team at Alnwick Delivery Office on the obvious benefits of using H.I.T.

‘If I hadn’t used the H.I.T system, I’m sure in my mind, the van would have rolled onto the main street of the village where people were queuing for ice creams, and take-away teas and coffees,’ said Vince.

‘I’m sure it would have ploughed into some of them and then straight across the main junction.’

Alnwick postman, Michael Brewis, added: ‘If you’re parking uphill, put it in first. If you’re parking downhill, put it in reverse. Just make sure that if the vehicle is going to roll forwards or backwards, it rolls against the curb – it’s the last line of defence.’

It is a legal requirement to apply the handbrake before leaving your vehicle. If you suspect your vehicle handbrake is faulty, the vehicle must be taken out of service and booked into your Fleet workshop immediately.

Do not ignore it; by doing so you could be putting your own and others' safety at risk. Do not chase after a vehicle if it is rolling away and never try to physically stop a rolling vehicle.

15 Oct 2020