In time of need

The Rowland Hill Fund helped Shaun and his family stay together

Our in-house charity, The Rowland Hill Fund, has helped a family stay together by funding equipment to help their disabled daughter stay at home.

Fife postman, Shaun Jarrett, first approached the Fund in 2011. His daughter, Erin, 13, has complex disabilities – she suffers from epilepsy, has a weak immune system and is unable to walk or talk.

The Fund helped Shaun and his wife pay for adjustments to their home so Erin could safely live with them.

‘Medical equipment is so expensive,’ said Shaun. ‘If we had to buy it all ourselves, there’s no way we could afford it.’

Since then, the Fund has continued to support Shaun and his family. Most recently, they paid for a new £2,400 all-terrain buggy for Erin.

Due to her compromised immune system, Erin has been unable to leave the house for more than three months – and Shaun is the only member of the household who goes outside for essential supplies.

Now with the all-terrain buggy, he plans to take her to the beach or woods once the shielding restrictions lift.

‘Erin loves being outside, and she’s not done it for so long.’ said Shaun. ‘With a normal buggy it wouldn’t be possible.

‘The Fund has been so helpful. We didn’t think they would pay the full amount. But they funded it all.’

Lockdown was hard for Shaun and his family. Erin spent two weeks in a coma after she caught flu on her seventh birthday.

‘It’s been tough and scary,’ said Shaun. ‘But you’ve got to do what’s right for your family.’

And Shaun urged colleagues feeling the strain to get in touch with the Fund. ‘You should never feel ashamed to approach them,’ he added. ‘If you need help, they can provide it.’

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Rowland Hill Fund has helped a number of colleagues who have had to stay at home due to coronavirus and found themselves on nil or half pay.

There are many colleagues who found themselves able to work but unable to attend work. The Fund has been able to offer weekly charitable donations to support our people and their families during this difficult time.

For more information on how the Fund can offer financial help to colleagues, Royal Mail Group pensioners and their families, call the confidential helpline on 0345 600 4586.

15 Sep 2020